Worship Songs Set

All our piano worship and junior worshop songs

All of our piano worship songs accompaniments - 290 tracks - from the four Worship Songs CDs and the three Junior Worship Songs CDs as CDs or as MP3s on a disc or memory stick.

The MP3 set is compact and cost effective: it is the most flexible way to play your accompaniments. Once the files are in place on a computer or iPod/MP3 player you can search for an accompaniment by the name of the song. Particularly useful is the ability to set up a playlist for a particular service or event, putting the tracks you need on the day at your fingertips.

Our MP3s on disc/memory stick/preloaded iPod come as standard at 256 Kbps, the usual bit rate for MP3s. The Worship Songs Set at 256 kbps takes up around 910 Mb. If you are using an old iPod or phone with limited storage, you can opt for our compact version - just drop us an email at info@cul.co.uk when you've placed your order. The compact files are at 128 Kbps - the sound quality isn't quite as good, but it only takes up half the space. To hear how the MP3s sound, you can download some free complete MP3s (256 Kbps) to try on your sound system by clicking here, or if you need to check the difference between the normal MP3s and the compact files download a set of samples at different bit rates by clicking here.

If you prefer traditional CDs, see the Worship Songs CDs and the Junior Worship Songs CDs.

There are no voices on these recordings, just a playover and the accompaniment.

Sample: Shine, Jesus, Shine
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Buying the Set

The set can be bought online here. Alternatively, you can drop us an email at info@cul.co.uk with your order requirements and we will send back an invoice with the bank details to make a bank transfer or send a cheque for the appropriate amount made out to Creativity Unleashed Limited to Creativity Unleashed Limited, 31 Eastbury Way, Swindon SN25 2EL, or buy using a card over the phone on 0117-230-7123 (Cheques and purchases over the phone in pounds sterling drawn on UK bank accounts only).

If you have any queries about the set or how to buy it, please drop us an email. We send your discs first class in the UK or airmail overseas. Email us or call on 0117-230-7123 if you need UK special delivery. All prices include post and packing.

Available to download

Any or all of the tracks for these albums can also be download from Amazon and iTunes, or the whole Worship Songs set can be downloaded directly from us.

To download the whole set from us, use the Buy Now button here. For individual tracks or the whole album from Amazon/iTunes see the
Worship Songs and Junior Worship Songs Albums pages.

Songs included

Worship Songs Album 1
  1. Abba, Father: Dave Bilbrough (1) SF1
  2. All over the World (3) MP Roy Turner, arr. Roland Fudge
  3. A new Commandment (2) MP Roy Crabtree
  4. Be still and know (3) MP Composer unknown, arr. Roland Fudge
  5. Be still, for the Presence of the Lord (3) MP David J Evans
  6. Bind us together, Lord: Bob Gillman (3 + refrain) SF1
  7. Broken for me (4) MP Janet Lunt
  8. Colours of Day: S. McClellan, J. Pac & K. Rycroft (3) SF1
  9. Come and join the Celebration (3) MP Celebrations Valerie Collison
  10. Come and see the shining Hope (3) MP Marching through Georgia Words: Christopher Idle, arr. David Wilson
  11. Come on and celebrate: P. Morgan & D. Bankhead (1) SF1
  12. Father God, I wonder: Ian Smale (1) SF1
  13. Father I place into your Hands (4) MP Jenny Hewer
  14. Father we adore you (3) MP Carl Tuttle arr. Roland Fudge
  15. From Heaven you came (4) MP Graham Kendrick arr. David Peacock
  16. God is our Strength and Refuge (3) MP Dambusters March E.Coates arr. John Barnard
  17. How lovely on the Mountains (4) MP Leonard E Smith Jnr arr. David Peacock
  18. I, the Lord of Sea and Sky: Daniel L. Schutte (3) SF2
  19. I will enter His Gates (1) MP Leona van Brethorst
  20. Jubilate, everybody: Fred Dunn (2) SF1
  21. Love lifted me (3) MP Love lifted me Words James Rowe, music Howard E. Smith
  22. Majesty (1) MP Jack Hayford
  23. Make way, make way (4) MP Graham Kendrick, arr. David Peacock
  24. Meekness and Majesty (3) MP Graham Kendrick arr. Christopher Norton
  25. O happy Day (4) MP Words P.Doddridge music Ron Jones
  26. Purify my Heart: Brian Doersken (2) SF1
  27. See Him lying on a Bed of Straw (4) MP Calypso Carol Michael Perry, arr. Stephen Coates
  28. Shine, Jesus shine: Graham Kendrick (3) SF1
  29. Silver and Gold (1) MP Anon Arr. Betty Pulkingham
  30. Sing to God new Songs of Worship Ode to Joy Words Psalm 98, music Beethoven
  31. Spirit of Holiness (2 + refrain) MP Trad. Words Christopher Idle
  32. Such Love (5) MP Graham Kendrick
  33. Thank you Jesus (4) MP Alison Huntley
  34. There is a Redeemer (3) MP Melody Green
  35. What Child is this (3) MP Greensleeves Trad., words William Chatterton Dix

Worship Songs Album 2
1. All Heaven declares: Richards (2)
2. All I once held dear: Kendrick (3)
3. As the Deer: Nystrom (3)
4. Before the Throne of God above: Bancroft/Cook (3)
5. Be still and know: Unknown (3)
6. Blessing and Honour: Harvill/Sadler (1)
7. By Your Side: Richards (2)
8. Come, now is the Time: Doerksen (1)
9. Creation is awaiting: Bowater/Taylor (3)
10. Faithful One: Doerksen (1)
11. Father of Creation: Ruis (3)
12. From the Ends of the Earth: Harris/Sadler (2)
13. Give Thanks: Smith (2)
14. Glory: Daniels (1)
15. Hallelujah, Hosanna: DuPlessis (1)
16. Hear these Praises: Fragar (2)
17. He is exalted: Paris (1)
18. Here I am, once again: Musseau (2)
19. Hold me closer to You: Richards (3)
20. Holiness: Daniels (2)
21. Hosanna: Tuttle (2)
22. I am a new Creation: Bilbrough (2)
23. I believe in Jesus: Nelson (2)
24. I give You all the Honour: Tuttle (3)
25. I'm accepted, I'm forgiven: Hayward (1)
26. I sing Praises: MacAlmon (2)
27. I walk by Faith: Falson (1)
28. I will celebrate: Baloche (1)
29. I will come and bow down: Nystrom (1)
30. I will offer up my Life: Redman (2)
31. Jesus, be the Centre: Frye (3)
32. Jesus, how lovely You are: Bolton (4)
33. Jesus, Lover of my Soul: Oakley (1)
34. Jesus, we celebrate Your Victory: Gibson (2)
35. Jesus, we enthrone You: Kyle (1)
36. Jesus, what a beautiful Name: Riches (1)

Worship Songs Album 3
1. Jesus, You are changing me: Bowater (1)
2. King of Kings, Majesty: Cooper (2)
3. Lord, I lift Your Name on high: Founds (2)
4. Lord, You are more precious: DeShazo (1)
5. Lord, You've been good to me: Kendrick (2)
6. Men of Faith: Smith (3)
7. My Jesus, my Saviour: Zschech (2)
8. My Lord, what Love is this: Kendrick (3)
9. No other Name: Gay (1)
10. O, let the Son of God enfold you: Wimber (2)
11. O Lord, You're beautiful: Green (1)
12. Only by Grace: Gustafson (1)
13. Open our Eyes, Lord: Cull (1)
14. Over all the Earth: Brown (2)
15. Reign in me: Bowater (1)
16. Thank You for saving me: Smith (2)
17. There is none like You: LeBlanc (1)
18. These are the Days: Mark (2)
19. This Grace is mine: Bullock (3)
20. This is my Desire: Morgan (2)
21. To be in Your Presence: Richards (2)
22. We are here to praise You: Kendrick (1)
23. We believe in God the Father: Kendrick (2)
24. We bow down: Grafstrom (2)
25. Welcome, King of Kings: Richards (2)
26. We want to see Jesus lifted high: Horley (1)
27. What Kind of Love is this: Haworth (3)
28. When I feel the Touch: Jones/Matthew (1)
29. When I look into Your Holiness: Perrin (1)
30. When the Music fades: Redman (1)
31. Who can sound the Depths: Kendrick (5)
32. Worthy, O worthy are You, Lord: Kinzer (1)
33. Worthy, You are worthy: Moen (3)
34. You are beautiful: Altrogge (1)
35. You are my Hiding Place: Ledner (1)
36. You are the Vine: Daniels (2)

Worship Songs Album 4
1. Ascribe to the Lord: C.Govier (3)
2. As the Sun is high: P. Lawson Johnston (1)
3. Break forth into Joy, O my Soul: arr. M.Evans (1)
4. But ye are washed: P.Simmons (1)
5. Cause me to come: R.Edward Miller (3)
6. City, O City: L.E.Smith (3)
7. Come and praise Him, royal Priesthood: A.Carter (1)
8. Come, walk with me: P.Ive (2)
9. Cover me: R.Edward Miller
10. Delight yourselves in the Lord: D.Bolton (1)
11. Draw near to God: Achor (1)
12. Father, we love You: arr. M.Evans (1)
13. Fellowship sweet: M.Wilkinson/R.Turner (5)
14. For as truly as I live: arr. M.Evans (1)
15. For I'm building a People of Power: D.Richards (1)
16. Great and marvellous: B.Pitcher (1)
17. Hallelujah, praise the Name of the Lord: A.Carter (1)
18. He holds the Key: J.Parsons (4)
19. How great is our God: arr. M.Evans (1)
20. If your Heart is right with my Heart: G.Perrins (3)
21. I give Thanks, O Lord: P.Lawson Johnston (3)
22. I love You, Lord: L.Klein (1)
23. I will run after You: A.Denton (1)
24. I will sing unto the Lord: arr. M.Evans (1)
25. Jesus I come: T.Humphries (1)
26. Jesus is Lord!: D.Mansell (3)
27. Jesus, Name above all Names: N.Hearn/P.Cain (1)
28. Jesus, thank You, Jesus: F.Chedgey (1)
29. Let God arise: I.Smith (1)
30. Let there be Love: D.Bilbrough (1)
31. Lord God, heavenly King: S.Hutchinson (1)
32. Lord Jesus we enthrone You: P.Kyle (1)
33. Lord, please make Your People one: A.Woodroffe/C.Head (3)
34. Lord we want to Thank You: D.Brown (1)
35. Love one another: N.Rose (1)
36. Make a joyful Noise: C.Head (2)
37. My Lord He is the fairest of the fair: J.Parsons (1)
38. My Peace: K.Routlege (3)
39. O Father, I do love You: D.Bolton (3)
40. O give Thanks: J.Pond (1)
41. O Lord most holy God: W.Churchill (2)
42. O Lord, my Lord: D.Fung (1)
43. Perfect Love: P. Lawson Johnston (2)
44. Praise You Lord: N.Rose (4)
45. Praise Your Name Lord Jesus: T.Humphries (1)
46. Rejoice in the Lord always: arr. M.Evans (1)
47. River wash over me: D.Brown (3)
48. Sing Praises to the Lord: J.Parsons (1)
49. The Church of God: M.Ray (1)
50. The Joy of my Salvation: R.Hawkins (4)
51. The promised Land: P.Iszatt (3)
52. Unto Thee do I lift my Eyes: P.Simmons (3)
53. Victory: D.Fung (1)
54. We are chosen, we are redeemed: J.Parsons (3)
55. We are moving on: I.Trayner (2)
56. Worthy art Thou: D.Richards (1)
Junior Worship Songs Album 1
  1. Abba, Father (x 2) Dave Bilborough
  2. Ask! Ask! Ask (1) Phil Burt
  3. Behold, what Manner of Love (1) Patricia van Tine
  4. Behold, what Manner of Love (as a round) Patricia van Tine
  5. Colours of Day (3) S.McLellan, J.Paculabo, K.Ryecroft, D.Coombes
  6. Come, listen to my Tale (1) Phil Burt
  7. Deep and wide (1) S.E.Cox, A.Silver
  8. Don't build your House on the sandy Land (2) Karen Lafferty
  9. Father I place into Your Hands (4) Jenny Hewer
  10. Father, we adore You (3) Terry Coelho
  11. Give me Oil in my Lamp (4) A.Sevison, B.Pulkingham
  12. God who made the Earth (5) S.Betts Rhodes, H. von Muller
  13. Go, tell it on the Mountain (5) G.Marshall-Taylor, D.Coombes
  14. Hallelu! Hallelu! (1) E.J.Hume
  15. Have you heard the Raindrops? (3) Christian Strover
  16. He's got the whole wide World (4) Phil Burt
  17. How did Moses cross the Red Sea? (1) Hugh Mitchell, Phil Burt
  18. If I were a Butterfly (3) Brian Howard
  19. Jesus bids us shine (3) Susan Warner, Edwin Othello Excell
  20. Jesus’ Love is very wonderful (1) H.W.Rattle, Phil Burt
  21. Jubilate, everybody (x2) Fred Dunn
  22. Kum ba yah (5) Traditional
  23. Majesty (1) Jack Hayford
  24. Make me a Channel of Your Peace (3) Sebastian Temple, Betty Pulkingham
  25. Mister Noah built an Ark (2 + refrains) Phil Burt
  26. Morning has broken (2) Eleanor Farjeon, Noel Tredinnick
  27. My God is so big (2) Phil Burt
  28. One more Step along the World (5) Sydney Carter, Douglas Coombes
  29. Only a Boy called David (1) J.H.Stringer
  30. O when the Saints go marching in (5) David Wilson
  31. Peter and John went to pray (1) Betty Pulkingham
  32. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God (3) Karen Lafferty, Roland Fudge
  33. Soon and very soon (4) Andrae Crouch
  34. Spirit of the Living God (1) Daniel Iverson, W.G.Hathaway
  35. Thank You, Jesus (4) Alison Huntley, Roland Fudge
  36. The wise Man built his House (2) Phil Burt
  37. Think of a World without any Flowers (3) D.Newport, G.Westcott, D.Coombes
  38. This is the Day (3) Les Garrett, Roland Fudge
  39. We have a King who rides a Donkey (4) Fred Kaan
  40. When I needed a Neighbour (6) Sydney Carter
  41. Wide, wide as the Ocean (1) C. Austin Miles
  42. Who put the Colours in the Rainbow? (2) J.A.P.Booth, Douglas Coombes
  43. Who's the King of the Jungle? (1) Annie Bush, Andy Silver
  44. Zaccheus was a very little Man (1) J.W

Junior Worship Songs Album 2
1. Alleluia, alleluia, give thanks to the risen Lord: D.Fishel (5)
2. Behold what Manner of Love: P. van Tine (1)
3. Blessed Assurance: F.J.Crosby, P.P.Knapp (3)
4. Children of Jerusalem: J.Henley (3)
5. Come let us sing: R.Walmsley, F.L.Wiseman (4)
6. Father lead me Day by Day: J.P.Hopps (5)
7. God is our Guide: C.Porteous, J.Sibelius (4)
8. God whose Son was once a Man: P.Horrobin (3)
9. Hushed was the Evening Hymn: J.D.Burns, A.J.Sullivan (5)
10. I do not know what lies ahead: A.B.Smith, E.Clarke (3)
11. If you want Joy, real Joy: J.Carlson (1)
12. I met Jesus at the Crossroads: Anon, arr. P.Burt (1)
13. In my Need Jesus found me: G.Brattle (2)
14. I've got Peace like a River: Spiritual, arr. R.Fudge (1)
15. I was lost but Jesus found me: Anon, arr. P.Burt (2)
16. Jesus Christ the Lord is born: German trad., words M.Perry (5)
17. Jesus is knocking: G.Brattle (1)
18. Joy is the Flag: E.J.Hume (1)
19. Live, live, live: M.Uzilevsky (3)
20. Love, Joy, Peace and Patience: A.Silver (1)
21. My Faith is like a Staff of Oak: Swiss trad., words T.T.Lynch (2)
22. New every Morning: J.Keble, S.Webbe (5)
23. O the Love that drew Salvation's Plan: W.Newell, D.Towner (1)
24. Peace I give to you: G.Kendrick, C.Norton (4)
25. Praise Him, praise Him all you little Children: Anon, E.Bailey (3)
26. Remember all the People: Tyrolese trad., P.Dearmer (3)
27. Said Judas to Mary: S.Carter (6)
28. Stand up, clap Hands: R.Dyer, A.Forest (3 + ref.)
29. The best Book to read: P.Bilhorn (3)
30. The greatest Thing: M.Penergrass (3)
31. The Lord has Need of me: C.J.Allen (1)
32. There's new Life in Jesus: Anon, A.Silver (3)
33. The Wise may bring: Tyrolese trad. (3)
34. We love to praise You: M.Parker, P.Burt (3)
35. We've a Story to tell: C.Sterne, H.Nichol (4)
36. When Israel was in Egypt's Land: Spiritual, Smith/Metcalf (5)
37. Wherever I am I will praise You: M.Parker, G.Leavers (4)
38. Will your Anchor hold: P.J.Owens, W.J.Kirkpatrick (4)
39. Yes, God is good: J.H.Gurney (6)
40. You are the King of Glory: M.Ford (1)

Junior Worship Songs Album 3
1. Be bold, be strong: M. Chapman, A.Silver (1)
2. Big Man: G.Kendrick, A.Burt (2)
3. Brothers and Sisters: R.Jones (3)
4. Christ triumphant: M.Saward, M.Baughen (5)
5. Daniel was a Man of Prayer: Anon, P.Burt (1)
6. Father, we love You: D.Adkins (3)
7. God forgave my Sin: C.Owens (2)
8. God, whose Farm is all Creation: J.Arlott, R.Vaughan Williams (3)
9. He gave me Eyes so I could see: A.Pinnock (3)
10. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life: Trad., D.Crawshaw (1)
11. If you see someone: A&N.Simpson, A.Silver (2)
12. I have seen the golden Sunshine: C.Chester, B.Litchfield (2)
13. In our Work and in our Play: W.G.Wills, B.Milgrove (4)
14. It's me, it's me: Trad. (3 + ref.)
15. I want to walk with Jesus: Swiss tune, C.Simmonds (5)
16. I will sing the wondrous Story: F.Rowley, R.Prichard (3)
17. Jesus' Hands were kind Hands: French trad., M.Cropper (2)
18. Jesus is Lord: D.Mansell (3)
19. Joshua fit the Battle of Jericho: Spiritual (3)
20. Keep me shining, Lord: K.Wilkinson (1)
21. Let us praise God together: Calhoun melody, J.Seddon (3)
22. Let us with a gladsome Mind: J.Milton, J.Antes (4)
23. Mister Noah built an Ark: Anon., P.Burt (2)
24. My Lord is higher than a Mountain: I.Smale, P.Burt (1)
25. Now be strong: J.Cansdale (1)
26. One day when Heaven: J.Chapman, C.Marsh (5)
27. Peter and James and John: Anon., P.Burt (6)
28. Praise Him, praise Him, praise Him in the Morning: Anon., P.Burt (4)
29. Someone's brought a Loaf of Bread: Anon., P.Burt (5)
30. Thank You, Lord, for this fine Day: D. Davis Andrew (4)
31. The Fields are white: M.Baughen (4)
32. The Joy of the Lord is my Strength: A.Vale, N.Warren (4)
33. There are Hundreds of Sparrows: J.Gowans, J.Larsson (4)
34. The steadfast Love: E.McNeill (1)
35. Two little Eyes: C.Kerr (1)
36. We have heard a joyful Sound: P.Owens, J.Booth (3)
37. What a wonderful Saviour: Anon., B.Pulkingham (3)
38. When the Road is rough and steep: N.Clayton (1)
39. Whether you're one: G.Kendrick, P.Burt (2)
40. With Jesus in the Boat: Anon., P.Burt (1)
41. Yesterday, today, forever: A.Simpson, J.Burke (1)
42. You can't stop Rain from falling down: J.Gowan, J.Larsson (3)
43. You shall go out with Joy: S.Dauermann, S.Rubin (1)

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