Bach Miniatures

Short Bach voluntaries

This album of short Bach voluntaries ideal to play before or after the service, or during a break, such as the signing of the register in a wedding. With a mix of well-known favourites, such as Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring and the less well known but exquisite "eight short preludes and fugues", the album is packed with excellent Bach pieces to accompany any service. Although there are 15 pieces listed, there are 26 tracks, as preludes and fugues are recorded separately and the Pastorale stretches over 4 tracks, keeping the "miniature" style.

Sample: Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
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Available to download

Any or all of the tracks for this album can also be download from Amazon and iTunes, or the whole Voluntaries set directly from us.

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Tracks included

Bach Miniatures
  1. Prelude in C BWV 553
  2. Fugue in C BWV 553
  3. Prelude in D minor BWV 554
  4. Fugue in D minor BWV 554
  5. Prelude in E minor BWV 555
  6. Fugue in E minor BWV 555
  7. Prelude in F BWV 556
  8. Fugue in F BWV 556
  9. Prelude in G BWV 557
  10. Fugue in G BWV 557
  11. Prelude in G minor BWV 558
  12. Fugue in G minor BWV 558
  13. Prelude in A minor BWV 559
  14. Fugue in A minor BWV 559
  15. Prelude in B flat BWV 560
  16. Fugue in B flat BWV 560
  17. Air from Suite Number 3 (Air on a G string) BWV 1068
  18. Pastorale in F Part 1 BWV 590
  19. Pastorale in F Part 2 BWV 590
  20. Pastorale in F Part 3 BWV 590
  21. Pastorale in F Part 4 BWV 590
  22. Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
  23. Sheep May Safely Graze
  24. Sanctify us by Thy Goodness
  25. Aria in F BWV 587
  26. Fugue in G BWV 577

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