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Hymns and Songs for Children

A collection of organ accompaniments for children's songs.

Sample: Don't Build Your House on the Sandy Land
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Our Junior Worship albums with accompaniments on piano are popular, but for those who prefer organ accompaniments, or want a wider choice of tracks, this is a recording of children's hymns and songs from the hymn book Complete Anglican Hymns Old & New.

There are no voices on these recordings, just a playover and the accompaniment.

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Hymns included

(number after hymn name indicates number of verses)

1. A Butterfly, an Easter Egg: Carey Landry, arranged Norman Warren (3)
2. All in an Easter Garden: Traditional, arranged Andrew Moore (2)
3. All Night all Day: Spiritual, arranged Noel Rawsthorne (2)
4. All of my Heart: Doug Marks-Smirchirch, arranged Keith Stent (1)
5. All of the Creatures God had made: Christopher Tambling (4)
6. All of the People: Susan Sayers, arranged Andrew Moore (3)
7. All the Nations of the Earth: Kevin Mayhew, arranged Andrew Moore (5)
8. And Everyone beneath the Vine and Fig Tree: Unknown, arranged Andrew Moore (1)
9. As Jacob with Travel was weary one Day: 18th-century English Carol melody, arranged Andrew Moore (4)
10. Away in a Manger: Tune 1: Cradle Song, William James Kirkpatrick, arranged Richard Lloyd (3)
11. Away in a Manger: Tune 2: Mueller, James R Murray (3)
12. A wiggly, waggly Worm: The wiggly waggly Song, Paul Field (2)
13. Be the Centre of my Life: Alan J Price, arranged Andrew Moore (2)
14. Boisterous, buzzing barking Things: Big and little you’s and me’s, Winifred Elliott, arranged Noel Rawsthorne (3)
15. Break the Bread and pour the Wine: Michael Forster, Christopher Tambling (2)
16. Can you see what we have made: Song for Christingle, Graham Kendrick, arranged Donald Thompson (5)
17. Caterpillar, Caterpillar: Susan Sayers, arranged Andrew Moore (3)
18. “Cheep!” Said the Sparrow: The Birds’ Song, Estelle White, arranged Noel Rawsthorne (3)
19. Christ is our King: Estelle White, arranged Andrew Moore (6 + refrain)
20. Clap your Hands, all you People: Jimmy Owens, arranged Noel Rawsthorne (1)
21. Clap your Hands and Sing this Song: Traditional, Jean Holloway, arranged Andrew Moore (7)
22. Come into His Presence: Unknown, arranged Andrew Moore (3)
23. Come on, let’s get up and go: Graham Kendrick, arranged Noel Rawsthorne (1)
24. Come, they told me: The Little Drummer boy, Katherine K Davis and Harry Simeone, arranged Noel Rawsthorne (3)
25. Don’t build your House on the sandy Land: Karen Lafferty, arranged Andrew Moore (1)
26. Do what you know is right: Bev Gammon, arranged Noel Rawsthorne (1)

1. Do you ever wish you could fly: Just be glad God made you “you”, Christopher Tambling (5)
2. Each of us is a living Stone: Living Stones, James Patten (2)
3. Every Bird, every Tree: Peter Watcyn-Jones, arr. Andrew Moore (3)
4. Every Minute of every Day: Stuart Garrard, arr. Noel Rawsthorne (1)
5. Farmer, Farmer, why do you plough?: Susan Sayers, arr. Andrew Moore (4)
6. Father welcomes all His Children: Robin Mann, arr. Andrew Moore (3 + ref.)
7. Father, we want to thank You: Susan Sayers, arr. Noel Rawsthorne (3)
8. Fishes of the Ocean: Susan Sayers, arr. Noel Rawsthorne (5)
9. Forward in Faith: Kevin Mayhew, arr. Andrew Moore (3)
10. Friends, all gather here in a Circle: Circle of Friends, David Morstad, arr. Noel Rawsthorne (1)
11. Give me Peace, O Lord: Estelle White, arr. Andrew Moore (2)
12. Give Thanks to the Lord: Janet Morgan, arr. Noel Rawsthorne (4 + refrain)
13. God Almighty set a Rainbow: Traditional melody, arr. Andrew Moore (4 + ref.)
14. God is good, God is great: Alan J. Price (4) + ref.
15. God made a Boomerang: Christopher Tambling (3 + ref.)
16. God our Father gave us Life: Kathleen Middleton, arr. Noel Rawsthorne (3)
17. God sends a Rainbow: Colours of Hope, Christopher Tambling (4)
18. God’s Love is deeper: Deeper, wider, higher, Ian D. Craig, arr. Noel Rawsthorne (4 + ref.)
19. God’s not dead: Unknown, arr. Donald Thomson (1)
20. God turned Darkness into Light: Christopher Tambling, arr. Keith Stent (4 + ref.)
21. Goliath was big and Goliath was strong: Biggest isn’t always best, Christopher Tambling (3 + ref.)
22. Go wandering in the Sun: Susan Sayers, arr. Noel Rawsthorne (5)
23. Hallelu, hallelu: unknown, arr. Keith Stent (1)
24. Have we made our God too small?: Doug Horley (1)
25. Have you got an Appetite?: Mick Gisbey (2 + ref.)

1. Have you heard the raindrops: Water of Life, Christian Strover, arr. Noel Rawsthorne (3 + ref.)
2. He is the King: Unknown, arr. Andrew Moore (1)
3. He’s got the whole World in His Hand: Traditional, arr. Christopher Tambling (5)
4. Hey, now, everybody sing: Orien Johnson, arr. Keith Stent (1)
5. Ho, ho, ho, hosanna: Unknown, arr. Noel Rawsthorne (1)
6. How did Moses cross the Red Sea?: Traditional Melodies, adapted by Hugh Mitchell, arr. Noel Rawsthorne (1)
7. I could sing unending Songs: The happy Song, Martin Smith (1)
8. I feel Spring in the Air today: Spring in the Air, Noel Rawsthorne (3)
9. If I were a Butterfly: Brian Howard, arr. Andrew Moore (3 + ref.)
10. If I were an Astronaut: Susan Sayers, arr. Noel Rawsthorne (3 + ref.)
11. I give my Hands: Estelle White, arr. Andrew Moore (4 + ref.)
12. I gotta Home in Gloryland: Traditional, arr. Noel Rawsthorne (1)
13. I have a Friend: Susan Sayers, arr. Noel Rawsthorne (3)
14. I’m accepted, I’m forgiven: Rob Hayward (1)
15. I may live in a great big City: Ian Smale, arr. Donald Thomson (1)
16. I’m black, I’m white, I’m short, I’m tall: Christopher Tambling (3 + ref.)
17. I’m gonna click: Alan J. Price, arr. Noel Rawsthorne (4)
18. I’m singing Your Praise, Lord: Mike Burn (4 + ref.)
19. In the upper Room: You must do for others, Gerard Fitzpatrick, arr. Andrew Moore (2)
20. I reach up high: Judy Bailey, arr. Donald Thomson (2 + ref.)
21. Isn’t it good: Alan J Price, arr. Keith Stent (1)
22. It’s me, O Lord: Spiritual, arr. Keith Stent (3 + ref.)
23. It’s rounded like an Orange: The Holly and the Ivy, arr. James Whitbourn (5 + ref.)
24. It takes an almighty Hand: Ian White, arr. Donald Thompson (4 + ref.)
25. I’ve got Peace like a River: Spiritual, arr. Andrew Moore (3)
26. I want to be a Tree that’s bearing Fruit: I want to be a blooming Tree, Doug Horley (1)

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