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Remembrance album

Hymns for Remembrance and other National events, including national anthems and Last Post/Reveille on trumpet

Sample: And Did Those Feet (Jerusalem)
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An excellent value album of hymn accompaniments for Remembrance and other National events: National Anthems and Last Post/Reveille (The Rouse), played on a trumpet, and including 2 minute silence, on CD or to download. See below for full list of tracks. Includes some traditional hymns rarely found elsewhere, for example O Valiant Hearts.

See also our Funeral collection which has many other appropriate hymns for the season.

There are no voices on these recordings, just a playover and the accompaniment.

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Tracks included

(number after hymn name indicates number of verses)
Remembrance Album
1. Last Post (trumpet) [On download is Last Post + Reveille - the Rouse]
2. 2 Minute Silence [On download is Last Post, 1 minute silence, Reveille - the Rouse]
3. Reveille - The Rouse (trumpet) [On download is Last Post, 2 minute silence, Reveille - the Rouse]
4. British National Anthem: God Save the King (2)
5. Australian National Anthem: Advance Australia fair (2)
6. Canadian National Anthem: O Canada! (2)
7. New Zealand National Anthem: God defend New Zealand (2)
8. USA National Anthem: The Star-spangled Banner (3)
9. All my Hope on God is founded: Michael (5)
10. All People that on Earth do dwell: Old 100th (5)
11. And did those Feet: Jerusalem (2)
12. Blest are the pure in Heart: Franconia (4)
13. Christ is made the sure Foundation: Westminster Abbey [Part 2 to end] (5 )
14. Eternal Father strong to save: Melita (4)
15. For the Healing of the Nations: Alleluia, dulce carmen (4)
16. I vow to thee my Country: Thaxted (2)
17. Judge eternal throned in Splendour: Rhuddlan (3)
18. Lead us, heavenly Father, lead us: Mannheim (3)
19. Lord of the Worlds: Croft’s 136th (3)
20. Now thank we all our God: Nun danket (3)
21. O God our Help in Ages past: St. Anne (6)
22. Onward Christian Soldiers: St. Gertrude (5)
23. O valiant Hearts: The supreme Sacrifice (7)
24. Praise to the Lord, the Almighty: Lobe den Herren (4)
25. Son of God, eternal Saviour: Everton (4)
26. The Lord’s my Shepherd: Crimond (5)
27. Thine be the Glory: Maccabaeus (3)
28. Thy Kingdom come O God: St. Cecilia (6)
[BONUS TRACK - Only on download - British National Anthem: God Save the King with Gordon Jacob Fanfare (2)]

Please note the album cover shown is for our online album only. The CD has a different cover.
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