Seventh Day Adventist Albums

Two CDs of hymns from the Seventh Day Adventist tradition

Our Core albums and many of our other albums are useful for many different denominations, but in these we focus on hymns from the Seventh Day Adventist tradition. See below for a list of tracks. There are no voices on these recordings, just a playover and the accompaniment.

Sample: Breath Thou the Bread of Life
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Buying the CDs

The CDs can be bought online here. Alternatively, you can drop us an email at with your order requirements and we will send back an invoice with the bank details to make a bank transfer, or send a cheque for the appropriate amount made out to Creativity Unleashed Limited to Creativity Unleashed Limited, 31 Eastbury Way, Swindon SN25 2EL, or buy using a card over the phone on 0117-230-7123 (Cheques and purchases over the phone in pounds sterling drawn on UK bank accounts only).

If you have any queries about the CDs or how to buy them, please drop us an email. We send your CDs first class in the UK or airmail overseas. Email us or call on 0117-230-7123 if you need UK special delivery. All prices include post and packing.

Available to download

Any or all of the tracks for these albums can also be download from Amazon and iTunes, or the albums together can be downloaded directly from us.

To download both albums from us, use the Add to Bag button here. For individual tracks or the whole album from Amazon/iTunes see the Hymns included section below.

Hymns included

(number after hymn name indicates number of verses)
1. Another six Days’ Work is done: Hebron 4
2. Break Thou the Bread of Life: Bread of Life 3
3. Closer to Thee, my Father, draw me: Closer to Thee 3+R
4. Come, we that love the Lord: Marching to Zion 4+R
5. Don’t forget the Sabbath: Don’t forget 3+R
6. Face to Face with Christ my Saviour: Face to Face 4+R
7. Fade, fade each earthly Joy: Perkins 4
8. Fairest Lord Jesus Crusader’s Hymn 3
9. Far from all Care: Pevensey 4
10. How cheering is the Christian’s Hope: Exhortation 5
11. How sweet are the Tidings: He’s coming 4+R
12. I am trusting Thee: Bullinger 4
13. I’m pressing on the upward Way: Higher Ground 4+R
14. I sing the mighty Power of God: Varina 3
15. I would be, dear Saviour: Wholly Thine 3
16. Just over the Mountains: We are nearing Home! 4+R
17. Lead on, o King eternal: Lancashire 3
18. Let every Lamp be burning bright: Diligence 4+R
19. Lift Him up: Lift Him up 4+R
20. Love divine, all Loves excelling: Beecher 4
21. O Day of Rest and Gladness: Mendebras 3
22. O now I see the crimson Wave: The cleansing Wave 4+R
23. Safely through another Week: Sabbath 4

1. O Lord of Life: Pro Patria (4)
2. O Love that wilt not let me go: St Margaret (4)
3. Sound the Battle Cry: Battle Cry (3+R)
4. Standing by a Purpose true: Daniel (4+R)
5. Sweet Promise is given: Hold fast till I come (3+R)
6. The coming King is at the Door: Even at the Door (4+R)
7. The golden Morning is fast approaching: Gleams of the Golden Morning (4+R)
8. The great Physician now is near: The great Physician (4+R)
9. The Judgment has set: The Judgment (3+R)
10. There’s a Land that is fairer than Day: Sweet By and By (3+R)
11. There’s no other Name like Jesus: There’s no other Name (5+R)
12. There’s Sunshine in my Soul today: There’s Sunshine (4+R)
13. This is my Father’s World: Terra beata (3)
14. Thy holy Sabbath, Lord: Badea (4)
15. ’Tis almost Time for the Lord to come: The Breaking of the Day (4+R)
16. ’Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus: ’Tis so sweet (4+R)
17. Under His Wings: Under His Wings (3+R)
18. Watch, Ye Saints: Jesus comes (5+R)
19. We know not the Hour: We know not the Hour (3+R)
20. We speak of the Realms of the Blest: Contrast (4)
21. We’ve no abiding City here: Andre (4)
22. What a Fellowship: Leaning on the everlasting Arms (3+R)
23. When Jesus shall gather the Nations: He will gather the Wheat (5+R)

Please note the album cover shown is for our online album only. The CD has a different cover.

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