Easter Albums

Hymn accompaniments for Lent, Holy Week, Easter and Ascensiontide

A 3 album set with the perfect selection of organ hymn accompaniments for Lent, Holy Week, Easter and Ascensiontide. There is some overlap with other sets, particularly the Core albums, but all tracks are newly recorded, so provide a different registration (organ sound). Alternatively you can download whole albums at a reduced price. There are no voices on these recordings, just a playover and the accompaniment.

Sample: Jesus Christ is Risen Today
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Buying the CDs

The CDs can be bought online here. Alternatively, you can drop us an email at info@cul.co.uk with your order requirements and we will send back an invoice with the bank details to make a bank transfer, or send a cheque for the appropriate amount made out to Creativity Unleashed Limited to Creativity Unleashed Limited, 31 Eastbury Way, Swindon SN25 2EL, or buy using a card over the phone on 0117-230-7123 (Cheques and purchases over the phone in pounds sterling drawn on UK bank accounts only).

If you have any queries about the CDs or how to buy them, please drop us an email. We send your CDs first class in the UK or airmail overseas. Email us or call on 0117-230-7123 if you need UK special delivery. All prices include post and packing.

Available to download

Any or all of the tracks for these albums can also be download from Amazon and iTunes, or the whole set can be downloaded directly from us.

To download the whole set from us, use the Buy Now button here. For individual tracks or the whole album from Amazon/iTunes see the Hymns included section below.

Hymns included

(number after hymn name indicates number of verses)
1. Alleluia, Alleluia, give Thanks to the risen Lord: D. Fisher (5)
2. Alleluia, Alleluia, Hearts to Heaven and Voices raise: Lux Eoi (4)
3. All Glory, Laud and Honour: St Theodulph (5)
4. All Ye that pass by: Wareham (4)
5. A Man there lived in Galilee: Tyrolean Melody (3)
6. And can it be: Sagina (5)
7. At the Lamb’s high Feast we sing: Salzburg (4)
8. At the Name of Jesus: Camberwell (7)
9. Behold the Saviour of Mankind: Burford (4)
10. Broken for me: By Janet Lunt (4)
11. Christ the Lord is risen again Hundert Arien (6)
12. Come let us with our Lord arise: Madrid (4)
13. Come, Ye Faithful, raise the Strain: St John Damascene (4)
14. Crown him with many Crowns: Diademata (5)
15. Day of Wrath and Day of Wonder: Ar Hyd yNos (3)
16. Drop, drop, slow Tears: Song 46 (3)
17. Forty Days and forty Nights: Aus der Tiefe (6)
18. From Heaven You came By Graham Kendrick (4)
19. Good Christian Men, rejoice and sing: Gelobt sei Gott (4)
20. Hail thee festival Day: Salve festa dies (6)

1. He is Lord: Unknown (1)
2. He was pierced: By Maggi Dawn (2 & refrain)
3. Holy Jesu, by Thy Passion: Holy Jesu (6)
4. It is a Thing most wonderful: Brookfield (7)
5. It is a Thing most wonderful: Herongate (7)
6. Jesus Christ is risen today: Easter Hymn (3)
7. Jesus lives! Thy Terrors now: St Albinus (5)
8. Jesus, Prince and Saviour: St Gertrude (3)
9. Love’s redeeming Work is done: Savannah (5)
10. Meekness and Majesty: By Graham Kendrick (3)
11. My Lord loves me: Traditional tune (2)
12. My Song is Love unknown: Love unknown (5)
13. Now the green Blade riseth: Noël Nouvelet (4)
14. On a Hill far away: The old rugged Cross (4)
15. On this Day, the first of Days: Lübeck (4)
16. O sacred Head once wounded: Passion Chorale (4)
17. Ride on in Majesty: Winchester New (5)
18. Sing, my Tongue, the glorious Battle: Pangue Lingua (5)
19. Such Love: By Graham Kendrick (3)
20. Take up thy Cross: Breslau (6)

1. Thank You, Jesus: Unknown (3 + ref.)
2. The darkest Hour Lord Jesus: Passion Chorale (4)
3. The Day of Resurrection: Ellacombe (3)
4. There is a green Hill: Horsley (5)
5. There is a Redeemer: By Melody Green (3)
6. The Strife is o’er: Victory (4)
7. The Strife is o’er: Gelobt sei Gott (4)
8. Thine be the Glory: Maccabaeus (3)
9. This joyful Eastertide: Vreuchten (3)
10. To God be the Glory!: To God be the Glory (3)
11. Were you there?: American Spiritual Melody (6)
12. We sing the Praise of Him who died: Bow Brickhill (5)
13. When I survey the wondrous Cross: Rockingham (4)
14. Ye Choirs of new Jerusalem: St Fulbert (6)
15. You laid aside Your Majesty: By Noel Richards (Intro + 1)
16. Hail the Day that sees Him rise: Llanfair (6)
17. Hail the Day that sees Him rise: Chislehurst (6)
18. Jesu our Hope, our Heart’s Desire: Metzler’s Redhead (6)
19. Rejoice the Lord is King: Gopsal (4)
20. See, the Conqueror mounts in Triumph: Rex Gloriae (5)
21. The Head that once was crowned with Thorns: St Magnus (6)

Please note the album cover shown is for our online album only. The CD has a different cover.

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