These carefully selected sets of albums provide a collection that will allow you to cover a range of services and events through the year.
Buy a collection at a bargain price with all the tracks to download, as MP3s on a memory stick, preloaded onto an iPod/iPad or choose the whole set of audio CDs.

Select from:
Core Set (Plus)
Our bargain set of 186 hymns.
Master Set
Every album we have - or every single track as MP3s at a great price.
Ultimate Set
A comprehensive collection of excellent hymns and worship songs covering the whole of the Ancient and Modern: Hymns and Songs for Refreshing Worship hymn book
Traditional Set
A full recording of accompaniments for the popular hymn book Ancient and Modern, New Standard.
Modern Set
All you need for a modern church with a mix of requirements: our Core Set and More Popular Hymns for traditional worship and the Worship Songs and Junior Worship Songs on piano - 476 tracks - as MP3s.
Episcopal Set
The Master Set is our best match to the Episcopal Hymnal, but this set provides a reduced price core of hymns.
Ultimate Carol Set
Our new project providing a comprehensive collection of excellent Advent, Christmas and Epiphany carols covering the whole of the new book, Carols Ancient and Modern
Voluntaries Set
All our organ voluntaries - excellent pieces for before and after a service or special occasions such as weddings. Includes the voluntaries from the Wedding albums.
Worship Songs Set
All our worship songs on piano - 290 tracks.
If you already have some of our tracks and would like to upgrade to a more complete set, let us know and we can provide a competitive price.

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