Superbly played organ solos for before and after services and during periods of contemplation. For best value, see our Voluntaries set with every voluntary we've recorded.
Bach Miniatures
A collection of wonderful short pieces by the master of organ music
French and German (Miscellany 4)
Rarely recorded French and German organ music - shorter than our other albums and lower priced
Miscellany 1
An excellent collection of organ voluntaries, particularly suited to weddings and celebrations.
Miscellany 2
An eclectic mix of organ pieces from A Lighter Shade of Pale to Pachelbel's Canon
Solemn Melodies (Miscellany 3)
A total of 22 organ voluntaries with a solemn tone, suited to sombre services - but including some great tunes
Short Pieces (Miscellany 5)
A collection of 27 popular pieces from opera to symphonies transcribed for the organ. Includes favourites as well as lesser known gems like Purcell’s Cebell.
Celebratory Organ Music
Twelve longer organ pieces for special and joyous occasions.
Easter Voluntaries
Organ pieces for Easter.
Organ Music for Lent
Organ music for Lent
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