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Methodist Albums

Four great albums from the Methodist tradition

Sample: Tell me the old, old Story
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Our Core albums and many of our other albums are useful for many different denominations, but on these four CD or download albums we focus on hymns from the great Methodist tradition. See below for a list of tracks. There are no voices on these recordings, just a playover and the accompaniment.

CDs 3 and 4 are recorded from the new Methodist hymn book, Singing the Faith. Because of that, there are a few overlaps with some of other recordings like the Core Set and the Ultimate Set, but featuring the specific harmonies used in this book.

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Hymns included

(number after hymn name indicates number of verses)
  1. All things praise Thee, Lord most high: Te Laudant Omnia (5)
  2. Behold the Servant of the Lord: Mozart (4)
  3. For the Beauty of the Earth: Noricum (5)
  4. For the Might of Thine Arm we bless Thee: Mountain Christians (4)
  5. Give me the Wings of Faith to rise: Mylon (5)
  6. Hark what a Sound and too divine for Hearing: Highwood (4)
  7. Hear us, O Lord, from Heaven Thy dwelling Place: Peel Castle (6)
  8. I’ll praise my Maker while I’ve Breath: Monmouth (4)
  9. I sing the almighty Power of God: St Saviour (5)
  10. It passeth Knowledge that dear Love of Thine: It passeth knowledge (5)
  11. Jesus comes with all His Grace: Orientis Partibus (5)
  12. Let Earth and Heaven agree: Millennium (7)
  13. Let Him to whom we now belong: Byzantium (4)
  14. Lord dismiss us with Thy Blessing: Dismissed (2)
  15. My Heart and Voice I raise: Ascalon (5)
  16. O God our Father, who dost make us One: Morecambe (4)
  17. O the bitter Shame and Sorrow: All of Thee (4)
  18. Saviour, blessed Saviour: Norfolk Part (4)
  19. See Israel’s gentle Shepherd stand: Dublin (Howard) (3)
  20. Sing Praise to God who reigns above: Mit Freuden Zart (4)
  21. Sing we the King who is coming to reign: Sing we the King (5)
  22. There’s a Light upon the Mountain: There’s a Light upon the Mountain (4)
  23. Who is on the Lord’s Side: Armageddon (4)

  1. Awake, awake to love and work: Sheltered Dale (3)
  2. Awake, our Souls, away our Fears: Samson (5)
  3. Away with Gloom, away with Doubt: Blairgowrie (3)
  4. Behold the Mountain of the Lord: Glasgow (7)
  5. Come, let us all unite and sing: Better World (4)
  6. Come, Thou Fount of every Blessing: Nettleton (3)
  7. Father lead me Day by Day: Supplication (6)
  8. Give me the Faith which can remove: Mount Sion (4)
  9. God of all Power and Truth and Grace: Ombersley (5)
  10. Hail gladdening Light of His pure Glory: Sebaste (3)
  11. How shall I sing that Majesty: Soll’s sein (3)
  12. I know that my Redeemer lives: Torquay (4)
  13. Jesus the Lord said “I am the Bread”: Yisu Ne Kaha (5)
  14. Kum ba ya my Lord, kum ba ya: Kum Ba Ya (4)
  15. Let Earth and Heaven combine: St John (Adoration) (5)
  16. Meet and right it is to sing: Amsterdam (4)
  17. My God, I know, I feel thee mine: Warwick (6)
  18. My God I thank Thee, who hast made: Wentworth (5)
  19. Now let us see Thy Beauty, Lord: Edgeware (5)
  20. One who is all unfit to count: Fingal (7)
  21. Praise ye the Lord! Tis good to raise: Galilee (6)
  22. Tell me the old, old Story: Tell me (4)
  23. Tell me the Stories of Jesus: Stories of Jesus (6)
  24. There’s a Spirit in the Air: Lauds (7)
  25. Wise Men seeking Jesus: Worship (Mann) (7)
  26. With Gladness we worship, rejoice as we sing: Datchet (4)
Conflict, Suffering and Doubt
  1. A safe Stronghold our God is still: Ein’ feste Burg (4)
  2. Calm me Lord as you calmed the Storm: By Margaret Rizza & David Adam (2)
  3. Deep in the Darkness a Starlight is gleaming: By Jan Berry (4)
  4. Even though I walk through the Valley: By Matt & Beth Redman (2 + ref.)
  5. Everyone needs Compassion: By Reuben Morgan & Ben Fielding (2 + ref.)
  6. Faithful One, so unchanging: By Brian Doerksen (1)
  7. God of my Faith, I offer You my Doubt: Anima Christi (5)
  8. How long, O Lord, will You forget? By Barbara Woollett (3)
  9. I lift my Eyes up to the Mountains: By Brian Doerksen (1)
  10. I’ve had Questions without Answers: By Tim Hughes (2 + ref.)
  11. My Soul finds Rest in God alone: By Aaron Keyes & Stuart Townend (3 + ref.)
  12. Fight the good Fight with all your Might: Duke Street (4)
  13. My troubled Soul, why so weighed down?: By Robert Critchley (2 + ref.)
  14. O Love that wilt not let me go: St Margaret (4)
  15. Soldiers of Christ, arise: From Strength to Strength (4)
  16. Through all the changing Scenes of Life: Wiltshire (6)
  17. Through the Love of God our Saviour: Ar hyd y nos (3)
  18. We turn to God when we are sorely pressed: The Cost of Discipleship (3)
  19. When Circumstances make my Life: Martyrdom (Fenwick) (4)
  20. When I’m feeling down and sad: When I’m feeling down and sad (4)
  21. When, O God, our Faith is tested: Fortunatus new (3)
  22. When our Confidence is shaken: New Malden (McCarthy) (4)
  23. Will your Anchor hold in the Storms of Life: Will your Anchor hold (4)
Justice and Peace
  1. By the Babylonian Rivers: Kas Dziedaja (3)
  2. Come now you blessed, eat at my Table: O Quanta Qualia (Regnator Orbis) (4)
  3. For the Healing of the Nations: Grafton (Tantum Ergo Sacramentum) (4)
  4. Oh Freedom, Oh Freedom, Oh Freedom: Freedom is coming (3)
  5. God! As with silent Hearts we bring to Mind: Supreme Sacrifice (4)
  6. God of Justice, Saviour to all: God of Justice (2 + ref.)
  7. God weeps at Love withheld: Empathy (4)
  8. Heaven shall not wait: Heaven shall not wait (4)
  9. I will speak out for those who have no voices: By Dave Bankhead, Ray Goudie, Sue Rinaldi & Steve Bassett (2)
  10. In an Age of twisted Values: Kilve (4)
  11. In Labour all Creation groans: Morning Song (7)
  12. It is God who holds the Nations: Vision (Davies) (4)
  13. O God of Hope, Your Prophets spoke: Chalfont Park (5)
  14. Of all the Spirit’s Gifts to me: Ripponden (5)
  15. Peace, perfect Peace is the Gift of Christ our Lord: By Kevin Mayhew (5)
  16. Pray for the Church, afflicted and oppressed: Song 1 (3)
  17. Show me how to stand for Justice: Dim Ond Jesu (3)
  18. The God who sings a new World into being: Chanson (5)
  19. The right Hand of God is writing in our Land: The right Hand of God (6)
  20. There are no Strangers to God’s Love: Pater Omnium (3)
  21. We do not hope to ease our Minds: Before the Throne of God above (3)
  22. We lay our broken World in sorrow: Sorrow (6)
  23. We pray for Peace: Hounsfield (6)
  24. We turn to You O God of every Nation: Highwood (5)
  25. What shall we pray for those who died: Kingston (6)
  26. When Mountains that we thought secure: Vox dilecti (3)

Please note the album cover shown is for our online album only. The CDs have a different cover.
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