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Anglican Chant Canticles Album

Anglican Chant accompaniments for Magnificat, Nunc Dimittis, morning canticles and two psalms

Sample: Nunc Dimittis Set C (McFarren)
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We've always thought it was impossible to provide accompaniments for Anglican Chant, as the organist usually follows the singing - but after a year's testing, we're told that, once you get used to the timing, it's perfectly possible to sing along to these accompaniments, meaning that the traditional canticles for matins and evensong can now be sung with no organist.

The CD includes 10 Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis accompaniments, 2 Venite, 2 Te Deum, 1 Benedicite, 2 Benedictus and psalms 67 (Deus Misereatur) and 130 (De Profundis). There's an extra Benedicite on the download album which wouldn't fit on the CD. In the track details below we have the sets from the Parish Psalter with Chants and chant numbers from the New Cathedral Psalter (NCP). The settings are for the text from the Book of Common Prayer, with pointing from the Parish Psalter. Each accompaniment starts with a playover of the chant.

There are no voices on these recordings, just a playover and the accompaniment.

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Tracks included

(number after hymn name indicates number of verses)
Anglican Chant Canticle Accompaniments
  1. Magnificat Set A Turle
  2. Magnificat Set B Knyvett
  3. Magnificat Set C Ouseley
  4. Magnifica Set D Cooke
  5. Magnificat NCP 110 Foster
  6. Magnificat NCP 149 Hopkins
  7. Magnificat NCP 54 Goss
  8. Magnificat NCP 132 Luther
  9. Magnificat NCP 281 Marsh
  10. Magnificat NCP 238 Robinson
  11. Nunc Dimittis Set A Baker
  12. Nunc Dimittis Set B Dyce
  13. Nunc Dimittis Set C McFarren
  14. Nunc Dimittis Set D Elvey
  15. Nunc Dimittis NCP 64 Parisian Tone
  16. Nunc Dimittis NCP 203 Brewer
  17. Nunc Dimittis NCP 66 Tonus Peregrinus
  18. Nunc Dimittis NCP 241 Kelway
  19. Nunc Dimittis NCP 276 MacFarren
  20. Nunc Dimittis NCP 258 Felton
  21. Venite Set 2 Taylor
  22. Venite Set 3 Crotch
  23. Te Deum Set A Trent
  24. Te Deum Set B Hopkins
  25. Benedicite Set C Ouseley
  26. Benedictus Set A Skeats
  27. Benedictus Set D Edwards (starred pointing)
  28. Psalm 67 Deus Misereatur Nares
  29. Psalm 130 De Profundis Purcell
[BONUS TRACK - Only on download - Benedicite Set A, Hayes]

Please note the album cover shown is for our online album only. The CD has a different cover.
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