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General Catholic hymn accompaniments and Ave Maria: a Marian collection

We have two Catholic albums: the first adds 25 popular Catholic hymns to our wider range, while the second has 27 Marian hymns. You may also be interested in our Core albums, including 138 popular traditional hymns, and the US Anglican Supplement, which includes 96 hymns, many of which are also used in Catholic churches in the UK as well as the US. There are no voices on these recordings, just a playover and the accompaniment.

Sample: As I kneel before You
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Available to download

Any or all of the tracks for these albums can also be download from Amazon and iTunes, or both Catholic albums together can be downloaded directly from us.

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Hymns included

(number after hymn name indicates number of verses)
Volume 1 - Catholic Hymns
1. As I kneel before you: Music by Maria Parkinson (3 + refrain)
2. Ave Maria, O Maiden O Mother: Ave Maria (3 + refrain)
3. Bring Flowers of the rarest: Queen of the Angels (3 + refrain)
4. Credo III (plainsong): (17th C Mode V)
5. Daily daily, sing to Mary: Daily Daily (5)
6. Faith of our Fathers: Sawston (4 + refrain)
7. Hail glorious St Patrick: St Patrick (5)
8. Hail Holy Queen enthroned above: Salve Regina Coelitum (5 + refrain)
9. Hail Queen of Heaven: Stella (4)
10. Hail Redeemer, King Divine: King Divine (4)
11. Help Lord the Souls: Belmont (6)
12. Holy Virgin, by God’s Decree: Vierge Sainte (4 + refrain)
13. I’ll sing a Hymn to Mary: Turris Davidica (4)
14. Immaculate Mary: Lourdes Hymn (4 + refrain)
15. Jesus, my Lord, my God, my all: Corpus Christi (5 + refrain)
16. Lord for tomorrow: Providence (6)
17. O Bread of Heaven: Tynemouth (4)
18. O come and mourn with me a while: Old Hall Green (7)
19. O Jesus Christ remember: Aurelia (3)
20. O Mother blest: St Ursula (5 + refrain)
21. O Salutaris Hostia: Melcome (2)
22. Soul of my Saviour: Anima Christi (3)
23. Sweet Heart of Jesus: Fons amoris (4 + refrain)
24. Sweet Sacrament Divine: Divine Mysteries (4)
25. Tantum ergo sacramentum: Pange Lingua (2)

Volume 2 - Ave Maria

1. This is the Image of the Queen (Iver) (3)
2. When the Angel came to Mary (Sans Day Carol) (4)
3. Where are you bound, Mary (Glynn) (3)
4. Alma Redemptoris Mater (Hermann the Lame) (1)
5. Ave Maria (Mawby) (1)
6. Fearful, uncertain (Hallelujah) (5)
7. Hail, thou Star of Ocean (Laudes) (4)
8. O Lady, full of God's own Grace (Crüger) (4)
9. Mother of Christ, called from above (Mother of Christ) (5)
10. Holy Mary, you were chosen (O Sanctissima) (4)
11. Ave, Regina caelorum (Plainsong) (1)
12. Look down, O Mother Mary (Vaughan) (4)
13. Mary, how lovely the Light of your Glory! (Epiphany) (4)
14. Mary immaculate (Liebster Immanuel) (6)
15. Star of Sea and Ocean (Ave Maris Stella) (7)
16. O purest of Creatures! (Maria zu Lieben) (3)
17. Hail Mary, full of Grace (Carey Landry) (1)
18. Mary most holy (Traditional Italian) (3)
19. Regina Caeli (Plainsong) (1)
20. Mother of God's living Word (Orientis Partibus) (7)
21. O Mary, when our God chose you (Swiss folk melody) (6)
22. Maiden, yet a Mother (Une vaine crainte) (4)
23. O Mother I could weep for Mirth (Immaculate, Immaculate) (9)
24. The thirteenth of May (A treize de Maio) (6)
25. Sing we of the blessed Mother (Abbot's Leigh) (4)
26. For all your Saints still active (King's Lynn) (3)
27. For Mary, Mother of our Lord (St Botolph) (6)

Please note the album cover shown is for our online album only. The CD has a different cover.

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