US Anglican Supplement

Extra hymns from the Episcopal Hymn Book

Our Core Set provides many of the essential tracks, but the US Anglican supplement adds 96 extra hymns to that set, taken from the Episcopal Hymn Book 1940, which will be useful both for US Anglicans, Anglicans worldwide and traditionalist Catholic churches. See below for a list of tracks. The download version is known as Devotional Hymns. There are no voices on these recordings, just a playover and the accompaniment.

Sample: Now my Tongue, the Mystery telling
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Hymns included

(number after hymn name indicates number of verses)
1. Wake, awake, for Night is flying: Sleepers Wake (3)
2. Creator of the starry Height: Conditor Alme (6)
3. O Word, that goest forth on high: Verbum Supernum (5)
4. I know a Rose Tree springing: Rosa Mystica (3)
5. Of the Father's Love begotten: Divinum Mysterium (5)
6. O Most Mighty! O Most Holy!: Steiner (3)
7. Joy to the World: Antioch (4)
Christmas Carols
8. Silent Night! Holy Night! Holy Night (3)
9. What Child is this, who, laid to Rest: Greensleeves (3)
10. Brightest and best of the Sons of the Morning: Morning Star (5)
11. What Star is this, with Beams so bright: Puer Nobis (5)
12. Hail to the Lord's Anointed: Woodbird (5)
Pre-Lenten Season
13. Alleluia, Song of Gladness: Dulce Carmen (4)
14. Weary of Earth, and laden with my Sin: Langran (4)
15. Sing, my Tongue, the glorious Battle: Pange Lingua (6)
16. At the Cross her Station keeping: Mainz (5)
17. Saviour, when in Dust to Thee: Spanish Chant (4)
18. O Jesus, crucified for Man: Intercession (5)
19. In the Hour of Trial: Penitence (4)
20. In the Cross of Christ I glory: Rathbun (5)
21. Beneath the Cross of Jesus: St Christopher (3)
22. Jesus, Lover of my Soul: Aberystwyth (3)
23. Lead, kindly Light: Lux Benigna (3)
24. Jesus, my Lord, my God, my all: St Chrysostom (4)

1. Jesus Christ is risen today: Easter Hymn (4)
2. At the Lamb's high Feast we sing: Salzburg (4)
3. Come, ye Faithful, raise the Strain: St Kevin (4)
4. See the Conqueror mounts in Triumph: In Babilone (3)
5. Hail Thee! Spirit, Lord Eternal: Cowley (9)
6. Come down, O Love divine: Down Ampney (3)
Saints' Days and Holy Days
7. We sing the glorious Conquest: Munich (4)
8. Sing of Mary, pure and lowly: Pleading Saviour (3)
9. Stars of the Morning, so gloriously bright: Trisagion (6)
10. Christ, the fair Glory of the holy Angels: Coelites Plaudant (6)
11. Hark, the Sound of holy Voices: Moultrie (4)
12. Who are these like Stars appearing: All Saints (5)
13. Let us now our Voices raise: Tempus adest floridum (3)
Thanksgiving Day
14. We gather together to ask the Lord's Blessing: Kresmer (3)
15. We plow the Fields, and scatter: Claudius (3)
National Days
16. My Country, 'tis of thee: America (4)
17. Forth in Thy Name, O Lord, I go: Pixham (5)
18. New every Morning is the Love: Melcombe (6)
19. O blest Creator of the Light: Lucis Creator (5)
20. O blest Creator of the Light: Bromley (3)
21. Sun of my Soul, Thou Saviour dear: Hursley (6)
22. Now the Day is over: Merrial (6)
23. Saviour, breathe an Evening Blessing: Vesper Hymn (2)
24. At Even when the Sun was set: Angelus (6)
25. O Saviour bless us ere we go: St Matthias (5)
26. To Thee before the Close of Day: Jam Lucis (3)

Holy Communion
1. And now, O Father, mindful of the Love: Unde et Memores (4)
2. Let thy Blood in Mercy poured: Luise (4)
3. Sion, praise thy Saviour, singing: Lauda Sion/Bone Pastor (4+6)
4. Sion, praise thy Saviour, singing: Weman (6)
5. Father, we thank Thee, who hast planted: Rendez à Dieu (2)
6. Now, my Tongue, the Mystery telling: Pange Lingua (6)
7. Now, my Tongue, the Mystery telling: St Thomas (6)
8. Humbly I adore Thee, Verity unseen: Adoro Devote (4)
9. Here, O my Lord, I see thee Face to Face: Penitentia (4)
10. O saving Victim, opening wide: St Vincent (2)
11. Deck thyself, my Soul, with Gladness: Schmuecke Dich (3)
12. Shepherd of Souls, refresh and bless: St Agnes (4)
Ember Days and Ordination
13. Come, Holy Ghost, our Souls inspire: Come Holy Ghost (9)
14. God of the Prophets, bless the Prophets' Sons: Toulon (5)
15. Breathe on me, Breath of God: Nova Vita (4)
Hymns for Children
16. I sing a Song of the Saints of God: Grand Isle (3)
17. Christ is the World's true Light: St Joan (3)
18. In Christ there is no East or West: McKee (4)
General Hymns
19. I bind unto myself today: St Patrick (7)
20. Holy God, we praise Thy Name: Te Deum (3)
21. Ancient of Days, who sittest throned in Glory: Albany (5)
22. Praise to the Lord, the Almighty: Praise to the Lord (4)
23. We come unto our Fathers' God: To God on High (4)

General Hymns
1. There's a Wideness in God's Mercy: Beecher (3)
2. We sing of God, the mighty Source: Magdalen College (4)
3. O Love, how deep, how broad, how high: Deus Tuorum (6)
4. O Saviour, precious Saviour: Watermouth (4)
5. At the Name of Jesus: King’s Weston (5)
6. O Son of Man, our Hero strong and tender: Charterhouse (4)
7. All Praise to Thee, for Thou, O King divine: Engelberg (5)
8. Faith of our Fathers, living still: St Catherine (4)
9. I know not where the Road will lead: Laramie (3)
10. Dear Lord and Father of Mankind: Rest (5)
11. I need Thee every Hour: Need (4)
12. My Faith looks up to Thee: Olivet (4)
13. Love divine, all Loves excelling: Hyfrydol (3)
14. Where cross the crowded Ways of Life: Gardiner (6)
15. Before Thy Throne, O God, we kneel: St Petersburg (4)
16. Lord Christ, when first Thou cam'st to Men: Bohemian Brethren (4)
17. Come, labor on: Ora Labora (5)
18. Jerusalem, my happy Home: Land of Rest (6)
19. Ye Watchers and ye holy ones: Vigiles et sancti (4)
20. Joyful, joyful, we adore Thee: Hymn to Joy (4)
21. Lo! He comes with Clouds descending: Helmsley (4)
22. Christian, dost thou see them: Sohren (4)
23. How firm a Foundation: Lyons (5)

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