Prayerful Hymns Organ Accompaniments

Extra hymns from the Episcopal Hymn Book 1982

For the best match to the Episcopal Hymnal, see our Master Set, or a smaller collection in the Episcopal Set.

Our Core Set provides many of the essential tracks, but the Prayerful Hymns Organ Accompaniments albums, add extra hymns to that set, taken from the Episcopal Hymn Book 1982, which will be useful both for US Episcopal churches, Anglicans worldwide and traditionalist Catholic churches. There are 27 hymns on each of the first two albums, with two more albums to follow. These albums fit well with the Devotional Hymns albums from the Episcopal Hymnal 1940. See below for a list of tracks. There are no voices on these recordings, just a playover and the accompaniment.

Sample: Ride on! Ride on in Majesty!
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Hymns included

(number after hymn name indicates number of verses)
Volume 1

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01.   Christ, whose Glory: Christ whose Glory (3)
02.   The golden Sun lights up the Sky: Verbum supernum prodiens (4)
03.   Now let us sing our Praise to God: Solemnis haec festivitas (4)
04.   As now the Sun shines down at Noon: Jesu dulcis memoria (4) Monday & Thursday
05.   As now the Sun shines down at Noon: Jesu dulcis memoria (4) Tuesday & Saturday
06.   As now the Sun shines down at Noon: Jesu dulcis memoria (4) Wednesday & Friday
07.   O Day of radiant Gladness: Es flog ein kleins Waldvögelein (4)
08.   This Day at Thy creating Word: Rushford (4)
09.   Prepare the Way, O Zion: Bereden väg för Herran (3 + ref.)
10. Comfort, comfort ye my People: Psalm 42, Goudimel (3)
11. Rejoice! rejoice, Believers: Llangloffan (3)
12. Blest be the King whose Coming is in the Name of God!: Valet will ich dir geben (4)
13. There’s a Voice in the Wilderness crying: Ascension (3)
14.  Now yield we Thanks and Praise to Christ enthroned: Was frag’ ich nach der Welt (2)
15.  Alleluia, Song of Gladness: Urbs beata Jerusalem (4)
16.  When Christ’s Appearing was made known: Vom Himmel kam der Engel Schar (5)
17.  Now let us all with one Accord: Ex more docti mystico (5)
18.  Ride on! ride on in Majesty!: The King’s Majesty (5)
19.  Cross of Jesus, Cross of Sorrow: Cross of Jesus (4)
20.  O Sorrow deep! Who would not weep: O Traurigkeit (4)
21.  Come, ye Faithful, raise the Strain: Gaudeamus pariter (4)
22.  O Sons and Daughters, let us sing!: O filii et filiae (Antiphon & 5)
23.  Jesus Christ is risen today, alleluia!: Easter Hymn from Lyra Davidica (4)
24.  The Strife is o’er, the Battle done: Victory (Antiphon & 5)
25.  Rejoice, the Lord of Life ascends: Parker (4)
26.  Come, Thou holy Spirit bright: Veni Sancte Spiritus (5)
27.  Come, Thou holy Spirit bright: Arbor Street (5)
Volume 2

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1.    Holy Spirit, Font of Light: Webbe (5)
2.    Spirit of Mercy, Truth and Love: Cornish (3)
3.    A mighty Sound from Heaven at Pentecost there came: Song of the Holy Spirit (3)
4.    Hearken to the Anthem: Laus Deo (4)
5.    How oft, O Lord, Thy Face hath shone: Jacob (5)
6.    Come, pure Hearts, in joyful Measure sing: Alles ist an Gottes Segen (3)
8.    Sing of Mary, pure and lowly: Raquel (3)
9.    Come, risen Lord, and deign to be our Guest: Rosedale (4)
10.  Come, risen Lord, and deign to be our Guest: Sursum corda (4)
11.  O saving Victim: Herr Jesu Christ (2)
12.  O saving Victim: Verbum supernum prodiens (2)
13.  Here, O my Lord, I see Thee Face to Face: Nyack (4)
14.  Zion, praise thy Savior: Lauda Sion Salvatorem (6)
15.  Let us break Bread together on our Knees: Let us break Bread (3 & ref.)
16.  From Glory to Glory advancing: St Keverne (2)
17.  Draw nigh and take the Body of the Lord: Palmer Church (8)
18.  O God, unseen yet ever near: St Flavian (4)
19.  For the Bread which You have broken: Omni die (4)
20.  Lord, we have come at Your own Invitation: O quanta qualia (4)
21.  Give Rest, O Christ, to Your Servant(s) with Your Saints: Kontakion (1)
22.  May Choirs of Angels lead you to Paradise on high: Christus, der ist mein Leben (3)
23.  God of the Prophets, bless the Prophets’ Heirs!: Toulon (5)
24.  Only begotten, Word of God eternal: Rouen (6)
25.  Ancient of Days, who sittest throned in Glory: Coburn (5)
26.  Come, Thou almighty King, help us Thy Name to sing: Moscow (4)
27.  How wondrous great, how glorious bright must our Creator be: Shorney (4)

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