The Mixed or Master Set Upgrade Service

Keeping up to date
If you have already bought a Mixed or Master set but it has got a little out of date, don't worry! Our upgrade service provides a new full set at a bargain price. Please note to keep costs down, the upgrade is only available as MP3s on memory stick, but you can upgrade from audio CDs or MP3s. You keep your original set - we just send you a new complete full set.

Our MP3s on disc/memory stick/preloaded iPod come as standard at 256 Kbps, the usual bit rate for MP3s. The Master Set at 256 kbps takes up around 14 Gb.

Buying the Update

As there are so many different combinations of existing sets and update options we can't show prices here. However, as a guide, to upgrade a 2-year-old Master Set would cost around £40.

The update can be bought online - you will be provided with a link once a price is agreed. Alternatively, you can drop us an email at with your order requirements and we will send back an invoice with the bank details to make a bank transfer, or send a cheque for the appropriate amount made out to Creativity Unleashed Limited to Creativity Unleashed Limited, 31 Eastbury Way, Swindon SN25 2EL, or buy using a card over the phone on 0117-230-7123 (Cheques and purchases over the phone in pounds sterling drawn on UK bank accounts only).

If you have any queries about the update or how to buy it, please drop us an email. We send your discs first class in the UK or airmail overseas. Email us or call on 0117-230-7123 if you need UK special delivery. All prices include post and packing.
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