The Mixed Set

Everything except the Ultimate Collection

Over 1,700 tracks from our library, excluding only the Ultimate Collection, including over 1,400 hymn and worship song tune tracks, available either as:

  • MP3s on a memory stick - easy to transfer quickly to computer
  • MP3s on an iPod or iPad - preloaded, so no need to install them, just connect to your sound system and go (UK ADDRESSES ONLY)
  • Audio CDs

There are two packaging options for audio CDs. We can provide the CDs in individual jewel cases or a single compact disc case. Individual cases are more expensive, but have an inlay showing the tracks for that CD in each case. The single compact case is cheaper, and more portable, but only contains the CDs: a separate listing of the tracks is provided as a PDF files in both alphabetical and CD order.

The MP3 sets have a lot going for them. Compact and cost effective, they is the most flexible way to play your accompaniments. Just copy the files from the memory stick onto your computer, then import into iTunes or Windows Media Player. You can then either play the music direct from the computer (connected to a sound system) or download it to a portable music device like an iPod for portability. (It's even easier with our preloaded iPods/iPads.) Once the files are in place you can search for an accompaniment by the name of the hymn or the tune. Another huge benefit is that you can set up a playlist for a particular service or event, putting the tracks you need on the day at your fingertips.

Our MP3s on disc/memory stick/preloaded iPod come as standard at 256 Kbps, the usual bit rate for MP3s. The Mixed Set at 256 kbps takes up around 9 Gb.

Sample: Abide with me
Hear samples of any of the tracks by clicking on the relevent iTunes or Amazon button below.

Buying the Set

The set can be bought online here. Alternatively, you can drop us an email at with your order requirements and we will send back an invoice with the bank details to make a bank transfer, or send a cheque for the appropriate amount made out to Creativity Unleashed Limited to Creativity Unleashed Limited, 31 Eastbury Way, Swindon SN25 2EL, or buy using a card over the phone on 0117-230-7123 (Cheques and purchases over the phone in pounds sterling drawn on UK bank accounts only).

If you have any queries about the set or how to buy it, please drop us an email. We send your set first class in the UK or airmail overseas. Email us or call on 0117-230-7123 if you need UK special delivery. All prices include post and packing.


Available to download

Any or all of the tracks for these albums can also be download from Amazon and iTunes.

For download details, see the
Hymn Albums, Worship Songs, Voluntaries and Settings pages

Hymns and Songs included

Includes all tracks listed on the Library page except those in the Ultimate Collection.

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