Football anthems

The Top Five Football Anthems of all time?

We don't provide accompaniments for football anthems, but to many football fans these songs are approached with the same dedication as any hymn. Here are five of the most celebrated football anthems that took the fans by storm, increasing their excitement and dedication.

1. Ricky Martin - The Cup of Life
The Cup of Life brings any football match to life and continues to be popular even though it was released back in 1998. The official FIFA anthem turned out to be a famous Ricky Martin single and still echoes around at football matches.

This is a song that is likely to accompany any football celebration. It's also a crowd pleaser just like Betway Ghana games. The anthem was included as La Copa de la Vida on Martin's album Vuelve, which became popular all over the world.

2. Manchester United: We’ll Never Die
The Red Devils have a number of original football songs under their belt, such as When the reds come marching in, sung to the tune of O When the Saints, which features on our Junior Album 1. But they also sing an old song called We’ll Never Die which has a sad history, but is designed to raise their spirits.

The song is a tribute to the Manchester United players killed in the disastrous 1958 plane crash and the consequent rebuilding of the squad. The song expresses that the club is more than just the Glazers and Rooney and demonstrates feeling for the players as human beings. It is sung to the German carol tune O Tannebaum (O Christmas Tree), which features on our second album of Christmas music.

3. Liverpool: You’ll Never Walk Alone
Looking for a football song that fits in all your moods?

Liverpool has quite a few tunes of their own - like All Round the Fields of Anfield Road, which portrays the success of the club throughout the years. However, the most famous song - and for good reason - is You’ll Never Walk Alone, a tune from the old Rodgers and Hammerstein show, Carousel.

Many clubs have adopted the tune, such as Glasgow's Celtic, but the fans identify the song with the reds of Merseyside. The perfect melody and bittersweet lyrics are ideal for the followers of Liverpool and resonate with both their wins and disasters.

4. K'Naan - Wavin' Flag
The 2010 FIFA World Cup encouraged the fans with this catchy song by Somali-Canadian poet K'Naan. He is a great talent who creatively brings cultures together using his songs filled with a loving spirit.

The song has a carefree feel and makes the fans rejoice at the galleries who find the impetus to support their team.

5. Chelsea: Keep the Blue Flag Flying High
Before Roman Abramovich introduced the Blues in the international soccer stage, their glory days were mostly limited to occasional cup runs. That makes their song rousing, talking as it does about heading to Wembley and unfurling the blue flag on top of England's national stadium.

The fans will surely "want to keep the blue flag flying high from Stamford to Wembley" to cheer for their team - just like you can cheer after winning a Betway Ghana game.

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