Sheet music

Finding the notes
We don’t sell sheet music, but there are some easy ways to get hold of it online.

If you are looking for printed music of hymns, or just for the words, the best starting point is the Cyberhymnal site, which has words and downloadable PDFs of music for a vast range of hymns, including many of the ones on our CDs. These are fine for unison singing, but if you need the harmonies most frequently used in the UK (e.g. for a choir), they are quite often different. In that case, see the hymn book page on the Church Music site for a range of options.

If you are looking for help with wedding music, see the Wedding Page of the Church Music Site, and for wedding voluntaries, the Wedding Sheet Music page.

For church choir music and organ music take a look at the Church Music site pages:

A lot of the settings featured on on Mass/Communion Settings CD are taken from the RSCM book Music for Common Worship I: Music for Sunday. You can buy a copy from the RSCM shop here.
We have a number of documents listing the accompaniments on various sets alphabetically, or matching them against specific hymn books. They are available to download here:
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